Trekking Sri Lanka

Trekking Sri Lanka

For nature lovers, Sri Lanka is a treasure-trove of wonders. Every inch of this beautiful island has something to intrigue the keen explorer. If you are particularly interested in going raw and authentic and hiking around this island, there are some fantastic spots that you must not miss.

Sri Lanka’s hill country offers a diverse collection of flora and fauna that has fascinated Eco-tourists and biologists for decades. For many, trekking and hiking starts at the quaint little town of Belihuloya. Belihuloya is found in the central province of the island and makes an excellent base to start out your nature tours. The many thick jungles, spectacular mountains and lush paddy fields provide a relaxing diversity that hikers would fall in love with. The long rivers and sparkling waterfalls scattered in the area make an excellent stop by for a quick dip after being warmed by the island’s tropical sun.

Very close to Belihuloya you find one of the most beautiful stretches of land in the island; the Horton Plains National Park. The Horton Plains make a mosaic of wonders and highlight the 880 meter drop called the World’s End and the lush Baker’s Waterfall. From this part of the island the scenery is truly mind blowing.

The Adam’s Peak Wilderness Sanctuary is also another excellent spot for trekking. The sunrise from up here is nothing short of breathless and the many who hike up this mountain begin their ascent at night in order to catch this remarkable view.

Then there is the little city of Bandarawela. Located in close proximity to the Adam’s Peak, the town is known for its many interesting walks such as the Little Adam’s Peak, Ella Rock and the Namunukula Mountain Range.

Once you head to the Kandy region don’t miss the sheer beauty of the Knuckles Mountain Range. Stretching to an interesting 155 square km this range boasts exquisite scenery, large forests, long rivers, lush waterfalls and rare and endemic fauna and flora. For hikers this whole island is truly paradise.